True beauty – Ellie&Mac

The newest pattern for women by Ellie&Mac is called “true beauty” and it really is a beautifull and very easy-to-sew pattern! Perfect for your summer warderobe!

I have sewn two dresses, and worked on them for less than an hour each, from cutting my fabrics to wearing the dress!

For my first version during testing, I chose a knit fabric, with bright-green Monstera-leaves on a black background. ( This is size small, and above-knee lenght. I’m not very tall, and this is more like a mini-dress to me. But the fit in general is spot-on! This will not be a dress I’ll be wearing to go to work, since it’s a bit short. But it is perfect for a day at the beach!

For my second version, I chose a punta-di-roma-polka-dots-fabric (
This time I made the skirt a little longer, because I feel more comfortable wearing it that way 🙂
I still can’t believe what an easy sew this one is! For newbees to sewing, you need to know how to create a casing and put elastic in it, and for the skirt there is some gathering needed. The rest is just straight-on sewing. Since it is made in knit, it’s easiest using an overlock for assembling this one.

The instructions tell you to use clear elastic at the bottom of the bodice, mainly for adding stability when using heavier fabric. For my first dress, I haven’t used it. But since the punta-di-roma-fabric was a little heavier and I added some lenght to the skirt, I dit use it in my second one.
I would recommend it when you’re making the maxi-dress, since the skirt weighs more if you choose this option. For light-weight fabrics it is not necesary.

The pattern now available has a little extra lenght added to the skirt, so normally making it longer should no longer be necessary!

Grab the pattern here and get started: (

For your information: the link above is my affiliate link. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but lets me have a small percentage of the profit. This way I can earn back a little bit of money for my fabrics and time used during testing. Thanks for clicking it!

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