Claudia – Sinclair Patterns

So another testing-opportunity and once again I love the result!
Claudia comes as a tunic or dress and has flutter sleeves.

What I particularly like about this pattern is the fact that it takes into account your height. Before you start printing, cutting and pasting, first have a look if you are ‘petite’, ‘regular’ or ‘tall’. So no lengthening or shortening afterwards!

Next step is figuring out what size you need. Also easy, because the measurements are in inches as well as centimeters! It is recommended to keep the dimensions of your chest circumference as a guideline. This dress is meant to be fitted at the chest, and to sit slightly looser from the waist down.

I chose not to make any adjustments to the pattern. If I had strictly followed the recommendations, I should have done so, and graded it for my hips. But I do not like very loose clothing, so I kept the same size for the entire garment. No grading this time 🙂 Since this dress works with side panels, it is very ‘forgiving’ 🙂

You should use a not too heavy knit or other fabric with stretch that softly falls through.

I chose tunic-length for my first version. I got the fabric from ( Colorful and floral, just right for this tunic! The side panels can also be made in a contrasting fabric, but I myself actually like it quite straight forward …
This is my result:

Last weekend, in the middle of the testing period, a city trip to Lisbon was on my program, followed by a very busy week at work. Because of this, I was able to make only one Claudia. But there will certainly be more! I will defenitly try the dress version as well.

If you are interested in making one yourself, this is a direct link to the pattern:

Have fun!

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