Discoverer Tee for kids

img_5538.jpgI’ve been sewing a lot for myself these days, so it was about time to make a little something for my daughters 🙂

This is the discoverer tee by Ellie and mac.  It’s a unisex kids pattern and it’s great for using some leftover fabrics from earlier projects.

It’s a very easy sew-project and yet gives a more sophisticated look than the average t-shirt.

It’s my very first ‘Mommy-and-me’-project. I used some leftovers from my Women’s Halfpipe Tee I made a little while ago.

so here we are, all wearing matching t-shirts 😍

I admit: I will not be going out with my kids all wearing these matching shirts, but it sure is fun wearing them at home 😉 My daughters love that we all match!

Want to try the discoverer Tee yourself? It’s on the wacky Wednesday sales at Ellie and Macs we shop on Wednesday 6 June 2018. Buy it for just 1 USD (less than €1!) You can use my affiliate link (this brings no extra costs for you, but gives me the chance to earn back a small amount of money for the fabrics I used and the time I put in. So if you are using my link, thank you!): (

The woman’s halfpipe Tee is also on flash sales (50% off on all patterns (

The cactus-fabric can be found here: ( And you’re in luck, because it’s is also currently on sale!

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