Let’s play!

After sewing dresses, sweaters, skirts and t-shirts for my girls, it was about time to sew some leggings!
So when I came across a call for testers by MW patterns for leggings with a skirt option, I didn’t doubt for one second, and applied!

I made several versions, and I love each and every one of them!

Since my daughters both love wearing dresses and skirts and love to play, I am always looking for shorts to go underneath those dresses/skirts. That way they can play around as much as they want, without worrying if their underwear is showing 🙂
And this pattern is just great for that!

You have many options, but I started with the skirted version with shorts underneath, to go with the EAM Discoverer Tees I made a couple of weeks ago.
You’re supposed to make a casing at the waist and put elastic in, but I just folded the waistband and attached it to the skirt/shorts and it worked out just fine too!

Because the fit was a bit on the loose side for Hanne, I have put in a casing and elastic afterwards. I made the casing by basting about 1,5 cm under the fold. To put the elastic in, I made a small opening, put the elastic in, and closed it again. Now I can be sure it stays on like it should.

First time ever I made my daughters a complete outfit (not counting in dresses) and I am very happy with it!
And so are they!

After these skirted shorts, I just had to try the capri-leggings too!
I was so eager to make it, that on my try-out version I made a stupid mistake…
I only noticed afterwards, that I hadn’t cut the pieces mirrored, so I got stuck with two left pipes and not enough fabric to rectify it. Only when I noticed the wrinkling in the front, I figured out the mistake I had made…
But in the end, she’s wearing it as PJ-pants and she loves them, so…

For the pants-version, I followed the instructions and put in a casing and elastic, as they where meant to be. I love the high waist on these leggings. Because my kids haven’t got hips like their mom does, so they have a hard time keeping their pants up, and most of the time end up pulling them upwards all the time. With these high-waisted leggings, that’s no issue!

Of course I had to make another one, without the mistake I made before…
For my second capri-version, I also added the pockets that are included in the pattern.
I love how these turned out!
For this one, I used a Megan-Blue-Fabrics knit I found at “De Stoffenstraat” (

The fit is great! I haven’t made any adjustments to the pattern. Since my girls are pretty thin, espacially Laure, I did make size 110 for my 7-year-old. Storebought-pants are usually size 122, because she has long legs, but I do have to look for pants with adjustable waists. These leggings are just below the knee. Maybe a tiny bit short for capri-leggings, but I don’t mind (neither does she).
I will be making more of these, and maybe will add a little bit of lenght.

This pattern is great for beginners, because you can start with the plain pocketless version, and when you get more confident about your sewing, you can add the pockets, or try the skirted version. The leggings come in three lenghts: short, capri and long.
It is an easy and quick sew, and it gives you the opportunity to make leggings that go with all those cute t-shirts and tunics you already made!
And as a surplus, you can use this pattern for sons as well as daughters.
Because of the high waist, it is also very handy for those tiny diaperbuts out there 🙂

Click this link and press the ‘send message’ button to get this pattern for free! Yes, FOR FREE!

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