Sunny days

So with summer vacation coming up, I made myself some new dresses 🙂
I took part in the latest sunny-day-dress-test from Ellie&Mac.
For years I have been wondering if wearing a maxidress would be something for me.
And then this testcall came along, and even though I aplied for testing the knee-length -dress, I just had to give it a go… My curiosity took over, and so, for the very first time in my life (!) I am now the proud owner of a maxidress!
I don’t know why I have been doubting for so long…

Of course I did make a second one, knee-length , as I was supposed to sew. Complete different fabric-choice, and a completely different dress in my honest opinion.

I made size small and graded to extra small in the waist. For the maxidress I had to shorten the skirt 10 cm.
I loved testing this dress! Not only because the result was wonderfull, but I learned something new. And that is exactly why I started testing for designers! Not only does this give me the chance to get to know new patterns, even before they are released. It also takes me out of my comfort zone!
This time I got to know how to make a lined bodice, where the bodice is completely closed, front and back. No zipper. No seam. To sew the lining and the main fabric, I used the ‘burrito-method’. The method is nicely explained in the instructions that come with this pattern, video-tutorial and all!
For the neckline I used a technique I recently got to know (see my post on the BSD Rebel Dress, coming up the first of July), called understitching. It just gives such a nice finish on woven, I just had to try it on knits to! And it works just fine!
For this dress I understitched the seamallowance in the neckline. No stitches are visible on your main fabric, like when you’re topstitching. The seamallowance is attatched to the lining, and stitches can only be seen on the inside of the bodice.

For the maxi-dress I just 4-way-stretch knit fabric

For the knee-lenght-dress I used  a fabric from my stash, for the skirt I used a heavier Jacquard-jersey I bought at (

Another summerdresspattern that is totally worth buying it! This is my affiliate link: (

(if you use my affiliate link, there are no extra costs involved for you, but I earn a small percentage for testing this dress)

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