Peplum tops rock!

Bella Sunshine Designs organizes Bella Sunshine Sunday Sales every week.
And guess what: it’s Sunday and the sun is shining, the perfect day to promote the reversible peplum top.

If you have been reading my blog before, you will have noticed a have learned a lot the past few weeks. During testing, I came across some new techniques. This reversible peplum uses one of these new techniques, the burrito-method. BSD has a very nice video-tutorial on this technique and the photo-tutorial included in the instructions will also help you to master this technique. It looks a bit hard at first, but it really isn’t! Don’t be scared, just try it 🙂
No new techniques for me this time, but it is my first-time-ever-reversible-garment!
And I am so proud of it!

Instead of interfacing, I used Taslan.


I blended size 3 for chest with size 5 for lenght. And this is the result:

The jeansy fabric with feathers, you can find here:
or here:

The other one I bought at ‘De Stoffenknop’. This is the same one, but a different colour:

The pattern for the reversible Piper peplum top you can find here: (this is my affiliate link, no extra costs for you, but a nice little extra for me)

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