Tulips and butterflies

Talking about stepping out of my comfortzone…
This dress is something I would normally stay away from when shopping, because I always fear dresses like this would be pronouncing all the areas I don’t like to be seen…
But in the comfort of my own home, I just had to try, because when this call for testers came in, I was absolutely in love with the tulip-shaped hem and the gathering on the side.

Still doubting, I started off with a tunic-sized dress. After some try-outs, I came up with this one, colourfull, but a perfect match with my favourite pants!


But I did sing in for making a dress, with 3/4-sleeves. Since this is out of my comfortzone, I used a fabric with butterflies. Butterflies always calm me down 🙂
Of course, since the front panel is doubled, I was short on fabric… So I went for a contrasting, plain bordeaux cotton jersey to go along with the butterflies, and I am so happy with the result!


If making antoher one, I would like to make the gathering a little more pronounced.

If you would line to try this one for yourself, this is my Affiliate link: (This link brings you to the webshop where  you can get this pattern. Clicking this link brings No extra costs for you)

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