I just finished testing the 24/7-top that has been released by Ellie & Mac this week.
It is just such an easy sew that I finished 3!
I combined woven and knits, three different ways.

The first one I made, I used a woven fabric (cotton) from Poppy (, light-blue with triangles as main fabric, and added some stretch lace from Driessen (

My second one, I went for all knits. Cotton jersey flowers for main (bought it at, but it is no longer available) , and some more stretch lace.

And my third version is made out of cotton jersey monastera’s ( (some left-over fabric from my test for the ‘True Beauty Dress’ by Ellie&Mac) and this time I used a dotted woven ( as a finish.

I must say the one completely in knits is the most comfortable to wear, and the one with the monastera-leaves is my absolute favourite one. The one with the triangles is definitely wearable as well, but is a little more light

This top isn’t meant to be tight fitting, if you like it a little tighter, you can best use one size smaller and all knits!

Do you like what you see and want to try the pattern for yourself? Please use my affiliate link:


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