So, I was going through all my patterns and I was stunned by the amount of Ellie&Mac-patterns I have!

Although there are a bunch of other pattern-designers I love, such as Bella Sunshine Designs, Sofilantjes, Annelaine Patterns, Sinclair Patterns, … and a bunch of patterns I’d love to try from designers such as Misusu Patterns, From Nikki With Love, …, I found that I have made a lot of clothes with Ellie&Mac-patterns. So I thought it would be fun to see them all together in one blogpost 🙂

And I’m also thinking of making new blogposts about the patterns of other designers I have been using a lot. Do or don’t?

Anyway, these are my EAM-makes from the past 6 months or so…

1. Girl’s Be Independent


2. Women’s Be Breezy


3. Girls Maxi Halter Dress

4. Women’s Be Captivating

IMG_72725. Women’s Be Bold

IMG_72736. Women’s True Beauty 

7. Girl’s Discoverer Tee

8. Women’s Sunny Days Dress

9. Women’s Tullip Dress

10. Women’s 24/7-shirt

11. Women’s Bell Sleeve Dress

Hanne Laure Deborah-1267

12. Girl’s Sweetie Dress

13. Girl’s School Cool Dress

14. Men’s Tee


So, there you have it!

I wrote separate posts on most of these patterns, so if you want more info about patterns or fabrics, be sure to take a look by clicking the titles!

Interested in one or more of these patterns? You’re in luck, because there’s a sale going on until the end of July! 25% off on all patterns! And here’s a little extra:

IMG_7287Go go go! 😉

Of course, you are free to use my affiliate link:


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