I couldn’t leave for a trip to Austria and not make a Dirndl for my daughters, with the fabric I bought there last year…
So what do you do? That’s right: you sew it two days before you’re leaving…

When we visited Lienz (Austria) in 2017, I found this fabric and clothes store: Textil Geiger. I just had to buy fabrics and try to make Dirndl for Laure and Hanne. textil_geiger

It took me the rest of the year to figure out where to find a pattern fitted to my wishes.
I really wanted a Dirndl-like dress, but one they could also wear at home or in school even…
Eventually I ended up drafting my own pattern for the apron. For the dress I used a pattern that has been in my possession for ages: the Elodie dress from Farbenmix. It is actually one of the first patterns for a cotton woven dress I ever used. I remember translating it from German to Dutch, not even knowing what all the sewing-related terms were in Dutch, let alone in German… It took me ages…
But I did it and loved the results. This pattern was perfect for what I had in mind this time… 🙂

These were my previous Elodie-dresses:



I started with the aprons, and based them on a YouTube-video I saw:

Then I started on the dresses. But I was in such a hurry, that I made this huge mistake… I was so careful with my fabrics, because I didn’t have much of it, I forgot to cut the seam allowance… So when I tried for the first fit, there was no way of getting them on… 😱

So I secured the elastic band of the neckline mid-back and cut the bodice open along the middle back seam. I finished the raw seam edge with piping.
I found in my stock an elastic band with ruffles, which I used to neatly finish the back of the cloth so that it does not fall open.

The bodice now is nicely fitted and the adjustments gave the doily just that little bit more. So after a first moment of panic, afterwards I’m happy with my solution and the results!

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