🎃 Happy Halloween 👻

This post is part of the “DIY Halloween Costume Blog Tour” by Seams Sew Lo.

DIY Halloween Costume Blog Tour

Be sure to take a look here for a list of all the best Halloween sewing patterns you can find on the internet!

If you like to sew and want to do some really fun sewing projects AND happen to have girls who love to dress up, this really is a must have pattern! You can mix and match to make just about any fairytale figure! From any Disney princess to Halloween witches, this pattern really is all round!

I must admit I loved the idea of all of these options in just one pattern, but at the same time I was a bit scared. There’s so much in this pattern, it might look overwhelming at first. But my fear was unfounded…

This pattern is like going to your favourite restaurant and having all the things you love from the menu.
I wanted to make a witch-like Halloween dress for my youngest. I started with choosing the bodice. I went with the square neckline, with mid-panel. Then I looked at the sleeves, and decided that witches should have long fluttersleeves, almost like a bat 🦇 . And to finish it off, I chose the gathered maxi skirt.

There’s a handy printing schedule, so you only print what you need. This is a layered pattern. So you only print the size(s) you need. Wonderful, isn’t it?!

For this pattern, it is recommended to use knits, but you can combine it with woven, just like I did. Why, well, there are no closures. That’s right, NO closures! Just when you think it couldn’t get any better…


This was the first fit, it’s a tiny bit roomy, could of sized down a little in the waist. I started out with size 4 width, size 5 length. I did this on purpose, because I want to be able to put a t-shirt underneath, since it’s traditionally colder weather on Halloween 🎃


When I attached the skirt and called her for a second fit, she didn’t want to take it off anymore! She kept running around, waving her arms and saying: “Look, I’m flying, I’m flying like a real witch 🧙‍♀️!” Needless to say I had a hard time getting her out of this dress and into her pjs 😂


After I got her out, her sister pulled it on, and she loved it as well!


So I started working on a second one, with freshly bought fabrics I bought in a small fabricshop in Ledeberg. I kept size 4 for the bodice, but lenghtened the bodice and skirt for size 7.


During testing Kelly Balou from “Sew a little seam” asked if there were some of us who wanted to test some additional attributes as well, so I did the witches hats and gloves too. A perfect addition to an already fantastic pattern! Combined, you can make every costume for girls you can think off! The options are just endless! And the best part is: you can get the “Imagine Set” for free during October when you are buying “Once upon a pattern”!
Some additional info: I did topstitch the hats brims after these pictures, for a more finished and professional look. I used a medium weight interfacing to make these hats, since that was all I had laying around, but I would recommend heavy weight interfacing for more stability.


Because I wanted to keep my girls warm when going trick or treating, I made some legwarmers too. Just drew these myself, using leggings they wear.
We have never been more ready for Halloween!

SALS (sew a little seam) – Once upon a pattern & Imagine Set (This link contains my affiliate link. I receive a small commission if you use this link to make your purchase. If you use it, I am forever grateful 😉 )

You can have a look here for more pictures of all the different possibilities. This link redirects you to the blogpost of Kelly Balou, the designer who created these patterns. Some inspirational pictures below, just to show you how endless the possibilities are!

Are you ready to see all of the new Halloween costumes on the DIY Sewing Pattern Blog Tour? Me too!! Go ahead and follow along with us!

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