Lauren Top

Meet the Lauren Top by Sinclair Designs!

When I saw this testercall coming up, I immediately loved the design of the assymetric neckline and the draped front bodice. This is not like every regular design for tops. I was drawn to it, because it just looks different.

I must admit, when I first saw the pattern pieces, they were looking kind of odd. The pattern pieces are a perfect reflection on how this pattern is different.
I had never made pleats like this before, so it took a little practice, but all in all, I like the outcome!

I used my pins to mark the points where the fabric should meet, to make the pleats. A different colour for every pair of marks. (See picture below) That way, I was able to stay on track.

Once you are done with the pleats, it really isn’t hard to put everything together. The instructions are very clear, with a lot of pictures helping you out.
I did get a little too enthousiastic in the end, and ended up seamripping the hem, since I had sewn together the back front panel with the back panel, making it impossible to pull it over my head… Some stupid beginners mistake… So when you’re hemming, make sure the front panels are sewn together…

I made the US size 6, graded to US size 8 in the hips.

UPDATE: I have finished a second one, I would like to share here. Thanks to Detje Craen, who was nice enough to give me the fabrics during the “Stikking together”-Weekend!


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