Wrapped in love: gala-dress-hack

When I first saw the testcall for the wrapped in love dress, I immediately saw a great hacking opportunity 🙂

I came across this pinspiration and knew the wrapped in love dress would provide the perfect base!


I had to try and hack it to achieve this look! I used the pattern piece of the front bodice and altered it to have a sweetheart neckline. I used that altered piece to cut my liner. I also changed the back bodice pattern piece for the liner. All I did then, was cutting my main pieces out of a stretch lace fabric (sleeves, front and back bodice), and using that as an overlay.

I was doubting: should I attach the liner to the overlay fabric or not? I decided to stitch it on, and risk it pulling down the lace fabric. Otherwise it might shift or lay loose and unflattering. Turned out that was a good decision. The liner is secured to the main following the curves of the liner, and afterwards I did catch it in the side seams as well. I love the result! Since I was just trying, I had lengthened the bodice pattern pieces, so I could use it as a top. But once I had it ready, I thought it would be fun if I didn’t attach the skirt, but keep it as a separate. I just cut the skirt pieces in my liner fabric and used elastic band on top. Serged it on (on the inside) and then folded it over to the inside and stitched it together.

Now I have a fancy dress, but can just as well wear the top on a jeans!

Now everything worked out, I had to make a black one! I tried to make some pictures to show you how I hacked it.

First, I want to show you what I did with the pattern pieces. On the pictures below, you get to see how I altered them.

On the front bodice, I drew a curved line to create the sweetheart neckline for the liner. To make sure the liner wouldn’t shift, I started above the armpit. This way, the liner will get caught when putting in the sleeve, keeping it in place. I wanted to make sure that there wasn’t to much exposure, so I can easily wear a strapless bra underneath. But of course, you can play around with the curve to your own liking. For the back bodice, I just folded down the top part of the pattern piece, creating a straight line. Again I made sure that line runs above the armpit. To prevent shifting, and to cover up my bra.
To create a top, I just lengthened the pattern piece by adding 5 inches to the bottom. Since I wanted my hips to fit in, I did let it flare outwards.

Now for the black version: this is how my fabrics looked like once cut.

Since I wanted the scalloped hem of my lace fabric, I had to cut the back bodice in two, creating a middle back seam.

My first step was attaching the liner of the front bodice to the main of the front bodice, following the new lines on my liner. And then repeating that for the back bodice.

All that was left was attaching bodice front to back at the shoulder seams, making sure my stretch fabric was sandwiched in between the liner fabric. Next step was attaching the sleeves and closing the side seams. I made sure to catch both my main and liner fabric when doing so.

Since this stretch lace had a beautiful scalloped hem, I now had a second top ready! All that was left, was making a black skirt as described earlier in this post. Now I have 4 pieces to play with! This black dress makes me feel gorgeous!

I love this dress, I love the wrapped-in-love pattern and I love to share. So as icing on the cake I can give away a gift card of $35 for the Ellie & Mac webshop! All you need to do is follow me on Instagram: and react on my post about this dress!

My fabrics all came from Driessen Stoffen. The blue and black stretch lace, the jeans blue velours and the black jersey for the liner and skirt of the black dress.

And of course, here you can find my affiliate link straight to the pattern of the Wrapped-in-Love Dress by Ellie&Mac. It’s now 40% off during the March Sale!





Wrapped In Love

Mijn eerste test voor dit jaar, de Wrapped In Love Dress van Ellie&Mac.
Dit is een maxi-jurk met een aansluitend lijfje en een niet te wijd uitlopende maxi-rok met overslag.
Het bovenstukje is volledig gevoerd, zodat het de maxi-rok netjes kan dragen zonder door te hangen. In de taille zit er een elastiek ingenaaid, die extra helpt om de taille te accentueren en er mee voor te zorgen dat de rok niet teveel aan het bovenstuk gaat trekken.

My first test for this year, the Wrapped In Love Dress from Ellie & Mac.
This is a maxi dress with a fitted bodice and a not too wide flared maxi skirt with wrap.
The top is fully lined, so that it can carry the maxi skirt neatly without hanging through. An elastic is sewn into the waist, which additionally helps to accentuate the waist and to ensure that the skirt does not pull the bodice down.

Ik maakte de eenvoudigste versie, zonder zakken en zonder riem. Riem en zakken zijn wel in het patroon inbegrepen, en je kan ook riemlusjes integreren in de zijnaden, zodat de riem netjes op z’n plaats blijft als je hem draagt. Ik maakte maatje S, en het rokdeel maatje M. Ik verlengde het topje met 2,5 cm (1 inch), zodat het mooi in mijn taille valt.
Verder deed ik geen aanpassingen.

I made the simplest version, without pockets and without a sash. Sash and pockets are included in the pattern, and you can also integrate belt loops in the side seams, so that the belt stays neatly in place when you wear it. I made size S, and the skirt part size M. I extended the top with 2.5 cm (1 inch), so that it fits nicely in my waist.
I made no further adjustments.

Dit kleedje kan je in een gewone tricot zo aan voor een dagje strand of shoppen. Maar kies je een feestelijker stofje of bijzondere combinatie, dan krijg je een echt feestkleedje!
Ik had nog een restje stof voor de top (waaruit ik onlangs de Day-to-Night Top mee maakte) en voor het rokdeel koos ik een rekbare plisséstof (waar ik vorige zomer ook al een leuk zomerjurkje voor de jongste uit maakte).

You can wear this dress in a normal jersey for a day at the beach or for shopping. But if you choose a more festive fabric or special combination, you will get a real party dress!
I still had a piece of left-over fabric for the top (from which I recently made the Day-to-Night Top) and for the skirt part I chose a stretchy pleated fabric (from which I also made a nice summer dress for the youngest last summer).

Je kan natuurlijk ook kiezen om dit kleedje mouwloos, met korte mouwen of drie-kwartsmouwen te maken.
Zelf werk ik momenteel aan een hack, daarover binnenkort meer!

Of course you can also choose to make this dress sleeveless, with short sleeves or three-quartz sleeves.
I am currently working on a hack, more about that soon!

Interesse om het patroon uit te proberen? Dit is mijn affiliate link. Bedankt als je deze gebruikt om het patroon aan te schaffen!

Interested in trying out the pattern? This is my affiliate link. Thank you if you use it to purchase the pattern!